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The Athens is a secret military project, with aim to conquer the world..

At first stage our task is to create a modern object-oriented vector graphics framework (codename: Athens) for smalltalk, and then.. yes! conquer the world.

Today, Pharo lacks a decent and modern graphics framework. A heritage, what comes from Squeak (and it goes back to smalltalk’80) is a today’s classic bitblt framework, which allows one to manipulate with bits and blit them in twisted ways. Squeak VM, in addition, having a balloon engine on top of it, which is kind-of vector-based add-on to bitblt engine, but it is also quite outdated and lacks many features comparing to any modern vector graphics frameworks.

Needless to say, that there are big demand for such a framework in our community, because it opens doors to magical world of graphics. I wouldn’t say that it is not open at all, i would say that it doesn’t widely open.. by now, only smartest can sneak through the narrow passage but any inexperienced explorer will be blocked, not saying about larger parties of fun-hunters.

Over past years, there was a multiple attempts (including me) to get a bit closer to the holy grail, but without focus and big investments of time, there is a little chance for something decent to appear. So, one of my tasks, as a Pharo engineer (a job position, i currently have at INRIA, Lille), is to design and implement such framework.

So, little words about what was existed before (or at least i know of):

Rome is a framework which supposed to have multiple backends, but primarily Cairo graphics library , via plugin which provides a binding to it. Currently dormant.

OpenVG in same way, is a binding, which i wrote for an emerging open standard – OpenVG. Dormant as whell πŸ™‚

Apart of it stays an OpenGL framework, but i am not listing it there, because it is more 3D graphics oriented rather than 2D vector graphics. And while you can use OpenGL as backend for rendering 2D vector graphics, it will still require a lot of work , to build something on top of it.

You may rightfully ask , why do we need yet another project which providing merely the same, when we already having two? Isn’t it a waste, instead of putting more effort into one of those, to do everything from scratch?

Of course, Athens is about same thing (vector graphics), but quite different in one significant aspect: it is object-oriented.

The main problem about the above two projects that they are constructed using bottom-up design, serving primarily to expose features in corresponding APIs to smalltalk. They are almost 1:1 replicating the structure of API’s they rely on, with a little thought, how to make a smalltalk side to be more object-oriented instead of being thin wrappers around those libraries.

In other words, give me 1 week, a lump sum of money, and after 2 weeks πŸ˜‰ i will deliver you a binding to any C library you want. But do not expect that it will be much easier to use it, only because you can access it in smalltalk. This is because exposing a non-object oriented library in smalltalk does not automagically makes it by a bit more object oriented, especially in terms of smalltalk, not in terms of C++ πŸ™‚ .

So, my primary focus in Athens was (well, and still is ) to use top-down oriented design and think more about how to make sure that API is convenient and easy to use, rather than how it would be easy to expose certain features in existing non-object-oriented APIs.

Of course, i have to keep an eye how to make sure that things will be running efficiently, using different backends, but even more i care about framework API and it ease of use.

A top-level API in Athens is self-sufficient. My aim is to make sure that developer don’t needs to know intimate details about how Cairo/OpenVG/OpenGL (or any other backend) works nor needs to study their API in order to start using Athens. Instead all he will need to know is Athens API.

We want to make one thing real: an application, which uses Athens , should work same, no matter what rendering backend you using.

Yes, i know, that such approach leads to a problem of minimum common denominator , but i think that clean design outweighs it , because nobody expects from me to deliver full-blown and feature rich framework from a first iteration, which is then will be “carved in stone” for decades. I think that good foundation will pay off.

Ok. I think it is enough blabbering for today.. i will continue my novel later, in future posts. πŸ™‚

P.S. oh.. btw.. to all ‘take a look’ and ‘have a look’-ers. I taking a look and having a look over many things and i am very interested in what exists on a landscape of modern graphics world. Just take note: this post is about ‘take a look on Athens’, not about ‘lets speculate about the topic’.


Comments on: "Athens: a first babysteps" (7)

  1. I want to know more.
    Design design design and responsibility responsibility responsibility

    and I forgot collaborator. Of course.
    We all want to know more….

  2. usman bhatti said:

    thanx for the post… I am interested in looking at some show case examples to see what can be done with Athens in pharo..

    • Igor Stasenko said:

      me too. me too πŸ™‚
      Now, with Fernando, we’re fixing some crap & leftovers of my not-so-good code and wrong ideas..
      and stabilize some interfaces before writing a word about them.

      It is good that Athens having real user, so i can see the weak points of design and deal with them, before pushing my crap to masses.

      • At least you should wet some appetite with screenshots. I dislike a post about graphics without any graphics πŸ˜‰

      • Igor Stasenko said:

        if you familiar with graphics.. there’s nothing to show , that you never seen before.. same thing(s): rectangles, circles, bezier paths, gradients etc..
        Yes, i will put some images in following post (which i already started writing).

  3. Don’t call it crap. Because this is not. Now indeed this is good to have fernando to push you to improve.

    • Igor Stasenko said:

      I just don’t want to leave an impression that i doing everything perfect, and only me knows how to do best. No, i doing mistakes, like everyone else.

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